"Bei der Arbeit" - ETH Zürich Studio Alex Lehnerer HS 2015

In Collaboration with Sandro Straube


Perched on the brink of insanity, the hunter’s eye watches over the plains below. The plains are no more than a reminder of the idyll above, ruined by the ravaging of the manic hunter. 

Above, in blissful ignorance, the pinecones grow and the grass is green. 

Tradition shows its presence but is burdened by the overbearing weight of mania above. The simple construction is fragmented, impulsive and unfinished, like the hunter himself.

In plan the two worlds are placed next to each other, separated only by a thin cladding, the hide of both rooms. 

In section the two words merge through various elements, like the roof that becomes a ceiling that becomes a stair that becomes a pedestal that becomes an awning that becomes an eye-lash.